Our Story

At CHOICEPRIMELAND MERCHANTS LTD, we have a vibrant and experience property agent team that has over the years worked with hundreds of property owners and buyers. Therefore, irrespective of how complex your property transaction is, we can help you get the desired results sooner than it’d take you or an inexperienced property agent.

Whether you want to buy a commercial parcel or a residential one, we got you covered. We have a long list of property owners who want to dispose of their properties and most likely, at least one of them has the size/type of property you need at a particular location.

We understand that you might be having a crazy busy schedule. Considering that, we are so flexible that we can fit into your tight schedule. Besides, working with us will be an exceptional experience because you will be dealing with very courteous and considerate professionals who honor their every word.

Since the beginning, CHOICEPRIMELAND MERCHANTS LTD has consistently provided its clients with valuable real estate resources including, but not limited to, purchasing, selling, leasing, property management, pre-forclosure assistance, and more. We work hard to ensure that clients’ real estate transactions are as seamless as possible and utilize a personal approach that so many other realtors have forgotten.

Shelter for many.

To provide superior real estate services that are a first choice for sellers, purchasers, investors, lessees, mortgagees and agents.