Are you looking for a property? Want to Buy or Sell?

Whichever the case, you should consider involving a reputable property agent. This is because finding a genuine property buyer, seller or renter is not always a walk in the park. Besides, the process of land acquisition or transfer can be quite lengthy and demanding, not to mention people who want to reap where they haven’t sown.

Fortunately, a land agent makes the entire process smoother, quicker and successful. Preferably CHOICEPRIMELAND MERCHANTS LTD, because we are not only committed to delivering the best services to our clients, but have a wealth of experience in the property sector.

Seller’s agent:

We at CHOICEPRIMELAND MERCHANTS LTD will help the seller price their property using comparative listings of recently sold properties and assist in with the buyer to help the seller get the highest price possible.

Buyer’s Agent:

We at CHOICEPRIMELAND MERCHANTS LTD help the buyer locate a property that meets most suited criteria. We compare prices that allow us to guide the buyer to areas that are affordable and prime. We negotiate the price, help in legalities of the process by undertaking due diligence including Title search, inspection, maps and eventual transfer.

Real Estate Investing:

Many people buy and sell property as a way of business. To be in such a business, there are several factors to consider and especially whether the property will rise in value. We at CHOICEPRIMELAND MERCHANTS LTD help real estate investors to determine best suited localities that have potential for growth and hence best for investments.


LAND – (Plots/Ranches/Farms (Agricultural))

RESIDENTIAL – (Town Houses/Apartments)